Vermont Top Destinations

The state of Vermont is renowned for its natural landscape. The majority of the state is forested, and it offers a variety of outdoor activities for residents and tourists alike. Hiking, camping, fishing, and skiing are all popular pastimes in Vermont.

Vermont is also home to more than 100 19th-century covered wooden bridges. These bridges are a reminder of the state’s rich history and provide a scenic backdrop for many of Vermont’s cities.

Explore Vermont’s unique cities, each with its own character and attractions.


The largest city in Vermont, Burlington is a vibrant community with a beautiful waterfront, excellent shopping and dining, and a lively arts scene.


A small city with a big heart, Essex is home to great schools, parks, and recreation facilities.

South Burlington:

The second-largest city in Vermont, South Burlington is a thriving community with a diverse economy and a commitment to environmental stewardship.


A beautiful lakeside town, Colchester is home to the University of Vermont and a number of excellent schools, parks, and businesses.

Rutland city:

The third-largest city in Vermont, Rutland is the business and cultural center of the region.


A small town with a big personality, Bennington is home to a number of excellent restaurants, shops, and cultural attractions.


A picturesque town in southern Vermont, Brattleboro is home to a variety of businesses and cultural institutions.


A town in central Vermont, Milton is home to a number of parks, recreation facilities, and businesses.

Essex Junction:

A village in northwestern Vermont, Essex Junction is home to the headquarters of IBM and a number of other businesses.


A town in northwestern Vermont, Williston is home to a number of businesses and recreation facilities.